107 meter high-end residential building featuring private CAA screening room
23 East 22nd Street aims to provide an intuitive resolution to the challenge of creating a luxury residential tower in a culture of congestion. The building's external form and internal organization are a deliberate reaction to its immediate context. Located just off Madison Square Park, on a site just 33 feet wide, the building is the final phase of Slazer Enterprises One Madison Park development, which also includes a 60-story tower on 23rd Street, currently under construction.
The base of 23 East 22nd Street is a transparent screening room that has a view to the city. More than the typical New York building, the tower above had to respond to a number of complex demands: in addition to the zoning law and neighbors, it had to avoid blocking the view of One Madison Park, its 60-story neighbor to the north. Using the complexity - even strangeness - of the site, unusual qualities were introduced to the apartments: irregular ceiling heights, views around the tower to the north, and overhangs with windows to the city below.

Rising to a height of 355 feet, 23 East 22nd Street stretches up to the east and steps-back from, gaining additional area as it cantilevers 30 feet over its neighbor. This asymmetrical form simultaneously provides views of Madison Square Park whilst maximizing light penetration to the neighbors below. Mirroring the traditional New York setback, the building's form is at once familiar and unique.

As the building steps out to the east and then back from the west, the area of every other floor differs. balconies at the upper part of the building and floor windows at the lower part. At the highest and lowest portions of the building, loft-like scenarios are played out while in the larger, middle floors, lower ceilings reinforce the units' panoramic breadth and help establish a more intimate scale.

23 East 22nd Street is supported by a structural façade: a set of shear walls with openings for light and air that has been developed in collaboration with structural engineers WSP Cantor Seinuk. In areas under greatest stress, the window spacing is modified to provide increased structural area and rigidity, supporting the building like a structural corset.

Screening Room
At the building's base, the Creative Artists Agency (CAA) Screening Room provides an important cultural anchor for the building. The slope of the screening room is allowed to continue to the ground level, playfully connecting the building's most prominent and public feature to the street.
Within the screening room, a pre-function lounge and the screening room seating are both accommodated on a single grand stair. Larger steps within the grand stair are designed to host pre-function events whilst spaces that serve the screening room - bar, cloakroom, casual seating, projection booth - are embedded within.
Commission 2008

Slazer Enterprises

Project Value:

Between Broadway and Park Avenues in the New York City borough of Manhattan, New York, USA.

50,052 ft2 / 4,650 m2

18 luxury residences (15 full floor, 2 duplex residencies, 1 quadraplex penthouse); largest residence: 6,100 sq.ft, smallest residence: 1,800 sq.ft; Residences with unit-long floor windows (5 Total): 7, 9, 11, 13, 15; Residences with outdoor terraces (7 Terraces Total): 3, 6, 17, Duplex (19), Penthouse (21, 23, Roof); Price Range: approx. $7M - $50M+

CAA Screening room:
1,600 ft2 screening room and lounge, 41 Seats, 35 mm and video projection enabled / Dolby Surround Sound, Videoconference / Simulcast enabled, Small Stage for musical performances and lectures, 245 ft2 meeting room

Other Amenities:
Five-Star Charlie Trotter Restaurant, Spa/Gym, Pool
Tower Height: 355 ft, 25 floors (24 above grade)
Site Area: 3,194 ft2
Site Length (North-South): 98’ 4”
Site Width (East-West): 33’ 4”
Cantilever at Fullest extent: 30’ 8” to the East
Largest single cantilever “step” (Level 7): 10’ 3”
Average cantilever “step” (Levels 9,11,13,15): 5’ 3”
Ceiling Heights:
Levels 3-5, 11-20: approx. 11’;
Levels 7-10, 21-24: approx. 15’;
Level 6: approx. 20’
CAA Screening Room: 46’
Lobby: 28’

Associate Architects and Engineers:
Cetra/Ruddy Incorporated

WSP Cantor Seinuk

MEP / Services:
ADS Engineers

Axis Facades

Tilloston Design Associates

Level Acoustics

Vertical Transportation:
Lerch Bates Inc.

Langan Engineering

Shen Milsom & Wilke

Theater Consultant:
Blessing & Company

Pool Consultant:
Joel Trace Architect

Partners in Charge:
Rem Koolhaas and Shohei Shigematsu

Project Architect:
Jason Long

Project Manager:
Charles Berman

Christin Svensson, Yuri Suzuki, Margaret Arbanas, Leonie Wenz, Christy Cheng, Ritchie Yao, Anna Neimark, Jake Forster, Konrad Krupinski, Richard Sharam, Noah Shepherd, Tsuyoshi Nakamoto, Sandy Yum, Kai Frans, Kelly Hendriks, Ian Starling, Tiffany Wey

Financial Times 22 August, 2008
New York Times 10 September 2008
New York Magazine 14 September 2008
New York Sun 16 September 2008