Project Japan: Metabolism Talks...

Taschen, 2011
Project Japan: Metabolism Talks... An oral history by Rem Koolhaas and Hans Ulrich Obrist documenting the first non-Western avant-garde movement in architecture and the last moment that architecture was a public rather than a private affair...

Al Manakh: Gulf Continued
Archis Foundation, 2010
Al Manakh: Gulf Continued is an essential and comprehensive guide to the cities of the Gulf, penetrating media clichés and delving deep into the new challenges facing the region in the wake of the financial crisis. Edited by Todd Reisz; produced by AMO, Archis, Pink Tank and the NAi. more
Singapore Songlines
Quodlibet, 2010
Translated into Italian, Koolhaas's book-length essay from S,M,L,XL tracking Singapore's rapid transformation from colonial relic to laboratory for the 21st century city: "the city represents the ideological production of the past three decades in its pure form, uncontaminated by surviving contextual remnants." more
Domus D'Autore: Post-Occupancy
Domus, July 2006
AMO/OMA guest edit an issue of Domus, looking at four recent buildings not through our eyes but through the broader media and cultural context which these projects entered into, and through the intimate and critical experiences of their users.
Rem Koolhaas / OMA: Essays in Architecture
Made by the Office for Metropolitan Architecture: An Ethnography of Design
010 Uitgeverij, 2009 more
Generic City
GG minima, 2006 (first published in S,M,L,XL, 1995)
Rem Koolhaas's reflection on the inexorable convergence of global cities and what is left when identity is stripped away.
Condé Nast, June 2003
AMO and Rem Koolhaas guest-edit an issue of the groundbreaking tech magazine, Wired, presenting an atlas of "30 Spaces for the 21st Century" and articles on emerging geopolitical and technological domains by Mark Leonard, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Bruno Latour, Beatrice Colomina among others. The issue also includes Koolhaas's reconsideration of New York, 25 years after Delirious New York.
Taschen, 2004
Content is a follow-up to SMLXL, an inventory of seven years of OMA's tireless labour. In many ways it is structured according to what its predecessor is not - dense, cheap, disposable. The relentless internal logic that propelled SMLXL is here counteracted by the incorporation of critical, external voices.
Unveiling The Prada Foundation
Fondazione Prada, 2008
The Prada Foundation, based in Milan and started in 1993, documents its history and OMA's plans to renovate and expand the exhibition spaces through interventions in a compound of post-industrial buildings. more
El Croquis: OMA Rem Koolhaas II

El Croquis: OMA Rem Koolhaas 1987–1998
El Croquis, 2006 more
Project on the City I: Great Leap Forward
Taschen, 2002
A study by OMA and the Harvard Graduate School of Design on the Pearl River Delta, an area of China undergoing a maelstrom of modernization and set to become a megalopolis of 36 million inhabitants by 2020.
Project on the City II: The Harvard Guide to Shopping
Taschen, 2001
Shopping is arguably the last remaining form of public activity. The Harvard Guide to Shopping, made by the Harvard Graduate School of Design and OMA, explores the spaces, people, techniques, ideologies, and inventions by which shopping has so dramatically refashioned the city at the turn of the century.
Al Manakh
Archis Foundation, 2007
A joint production of AMO, Moutamarat, and Archis, Al Manakh offers the first detailed analysis of the current urban condition in the Gulf and discusses the implications of the rapid development of this territory for the rest of the world.
The Rem Koolhaas File
SMLXL (unauthorized Farsi translation)
An unauthorized Farsi translation and redesign, including sections on the Seattle Library, Casa da Musica, CCTV and other more recent buildings designed after S,M,L,XL was first published. more
Seattle Public Library OMA / LMN

More is More: OMA / Rem Koolhaas
Publisher's blurb: More is More analyses the theoretical writings and manifestos of OMA and places them in the context of their buildings. more
OMA in The Hague
A catalogue accompanying the exhibition 'OMA in The Hague' at the Stroom centre for art and architecture in 2006. Presented in the form of a travel guide, this booklet surveys all OMA's many built (eg. Nederlands Danse Theater, 1987), future (eg. KJ Plein) and never realized (eg. City Hall, 1986) projects in The Hague.
OMA / Rem Koolhaas
Publisher's blurb: A study of a large number of projects with explanatory texts by Koolhaas. Lucan's intention is to elucidate Koolhaas' mentality through projects which are characterized by iconographic elements. more
Rem Koolhaas and Hans-Ulrich Obrist: The Conversation Series, Volume 4

Walther König, 2007
Publisher's blurb:
Renowned critic and curator Hans Ulrich Obrist teams up with Dutch avant-garde architect and paradigm-shifting intellectual, Rem Koolhaas, for a discussion of Koolhaas's work in China, his designs for Prada, architecture as metaphor, and the development of urbanism in the slipstream of globalization.

Made on the occasion of the exhibition 'Fin de Siecle - OMA Rem Koolhaas' at the Institut Français d'Architecture, Paris, in 1990, this book features the maps and sketches that led to OMA's masterplan for Lille, realized in 1994. more
Six Projets

Institut Francais d'Architecture, Paris, 1990
In 1990 the Institut Français d'Architecture in Paris organized two exhibitions on OMA, for which this publication and Six Projets served as a catalogue. Six Projets shows six variations on the theme of 'congestion'.

Quodlibet, 2006
Junkspace is the new flamboyant, flexible, forgettable face of architecture, rendered by Rem Koolhaas in a visceral and rampantly analytical essay.
What is OMA? Considering Rem Koolhaas and the Office for Metropolitan Architecture
NAi, 2004 more
AA Words One: Supercritical: Peter Eisenman meets Rem Koolhaas
AA Publications, 2007 more
OMA 30: 30 Colours
V+K Pub, 1999
A range of OMA's projects interpreted through their use of colour, together with OMA staff choosing the colour that is most meaningful to them. Rem Koolhaas suggests that "maybe colour could make a comeback" after its demise in the 90s, as "no longer just a thin layer of change, but something that genuinely alters perception."
The Dutch Embassy in Berlin by OMA / Rem Koolhaas
NAi, 2004 more
Birkhäuser, 2001 more
a+u: CCTV by OMA
a+u, Japan, 2005 more
Dutchtown: A City Center Design by OMA / Rem Koolhaas
NAi, 2001 more
a+u, Japan, 2000 more
El Croquis: OMA Rem Koolhaas I
El Croquis, 2006 more
Living Vivre Leben
Birkhäuser, 1998 more
Projects for Prada: Part 1
Fondazione Prada, 2001
Research undertaken by OMA/AMO into the condition and possibilities for Prada as they conceived new epicentre stores in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.
Actar, 2001
Mutations, a joint project of Rem Koolhaas/OMA and the Harvard Project on the City, explores the unstable urban conditions around the world at the turn of the 21st century, a tipping point at which the world's city-dwellers began to outnumber those in rural areas.

The Gulf
Lars Müller Publishers, 2006
An accordian-style foldout booklet accompanying OMA/AMO's exhibition on the Gulf at the 2006 Venice Architecture Biennale, investigating the feverish production of urban substance on sites where nomads roamed unmolested only half a century ago.
Monacelli Press, 1995
A mammoth compendium of 20 years of OMA's projects, arranged in order of size, this book gives an insight into the restless, ingenuitive thinking of the office through an era when architecture became a mere bystander to the explosion of the market economy and globalization.
Delirious New York
Thames & Hudson, 1978 (original)
Rem Koolhaas's 'Retroactive Manifesto for Manhattan' posits New York as the arena for the terminal stage of Western civilisation. Through the simultaneous explosion of human density and invasion of new technologies, Manhattan became, from 1850 on, a mythical laboratory for the invention and testing of a revolutionary lifestyle: the Culture of Congestion.