OMA 30: 30 Colours
V+K Pub, 1999
A range of OMA's projects interpreted through their use of colour, together with OMA staff choosing the colour that is most meaningful to them. Rem Koolhaas suggests that "maybe colour could make a comeback" after its demise in the 90s, as "no longer just a thin layer of change, but something that genuinely alters perception."
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: 187 pages
Language: English
ISBN-10: 9066116323
ISBN-13: 978-9066116320
From Rem Koolhaas's introduction: There are two kinds of colours. The ones that are integral to a material, or a substance - they cannot be changed - and the ones that are artificial, that can be applied and that transform the appearance of things. The difference between colour and paint. After an initial outburst of the use of paint at the beginning of the century - was it the easiest way to transform, to get rid of history? - at the end opf the 20th century, we are committed to the authenticity of materials even more, to materials that announce their own dematerialisation.