Condé Nast, June 2003
AMO and Rem Koolhaas guest-edit an issue of the groundbreaking tech magazine, Wired, presenting an atlas of "30 Spaces for the 21st Century" and articles on emerging geopolitical and technological domains by Mark Leonard, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Bruno Latour, Beatrice Colomina among others. The issue also includes Koolhaas's reconsideration of New York, 25 years after Delirious New York.
Select articles:
Delirious No More, Rem Koolhaas
Combine and conquer, Mark Leonard
Microcosmics, Larry Smarr

From Rem Koolhaas's introduction: Our old ideas about space have exploded. The past three decades have produced more change in more cultures than any other time in history. Radically accelerated growth, deregulation, and globalization have redrawn our familiar maps and reset the parameters: Borders are inscribed and permeated, control zones imposed and violated, jurisdictions declared and ignored, markets pumped up and punctured. And at the same time, entirely new spatial conditions, demanding new definitions, have emerged. Where space was considered permanent, it now feels transitory - on its way to becoming. The words and ideas of architecture, once the official language of space, no longer seem capable of describing this proliferation of new conditions.